About us

Our gear is specifically tailored to horse lovers!

Whether you ride professionally, show in equestrian events, or just love spending time with your 1200 lb best friend, we know you'll love the gear at Eastwood Riding!

Our shop is a labor of love, born from my life-long love of horses — which is overflowing to all you amazing customers.

It all got started while dreaming of riding horses during my childhood. Since then, my life has been an expression of my love of our four-legged friends.

My horses and I have trained and competed together throughout my life, primarily in dressage — although I had been known to do a little show jumping back in the day ;) Now I’m training others and focusing on Eastwood Riding.

By focusing our products on the love and admiration between horse and rider, we craft truly unique equestrian apparel and gear.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at orders@brandsauce.io. Our customer service is top-notch and we are known for our quick response times and getting to know our buyers :) 

Also! If you have suggestions about a design or would like to submit your own design, we can work with you to create it together. 

Happy shopping!